About Us

Avidlove.shop is an online store focusing on lingerie.

We offer the largest collection of newly designed. Sexy lingerie isn’t just about buying a pratical bra or wearing sexy pieces on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. We like to think of it as another part of your self-care routine — something to treat yourself with.

All parts of our briefs go through vigorous tests before being pieced together, and our premium lace choices become one with your skin under figure hugging clothes. We design different bras and lingeries, in different cuts and soft fabrics, to let you choose the balance and support you are looking for, basis the outfit you choose to wear them under. We've even got you covered and sometimes uncovered between the sheets, with international designs that take your shape for times of romance, while others come in soft fabrics, prefect to fall into a deep sleep in.

With a goal to our fresh take on making new style lingerie work for you, we’re on a mission to bring styles to you, wherever you are. Follow us online to keep up to date with our latest collections, competitions and collaborations and get set to fall in love with everything which will be useful on your bed at night!